Today was a bad day.
I just feel so subdued, kinda sad, anxious, bewildered and confused.

I did however manage to do the laundry that has been pilling up in my closet and growing into a talking mountain that says things like "wash me wash me, i'm so dirty and i will soon come alive and take over your room."
So that was good.

I needed a pick me up. I decided to go to the hairdresser's just to get my hair washed and blowed dry. Relaxing and made me feel pretty. Yesterday I got my eyebrows threaded. Its the asian way of doing it, I was pretty scared since the girl who was performing the procedure did not speak English very well. Halfway through I was wondering if she would leave me ANY eyebrows at all, but at the end I was a satisified customer and she did a great job. And the whole thing only cost $7. Yay cheap!

I'm in a funk and not sure how to get out. I keep wishing that random people would just come up to me and hug me for a very long time.

I have been trying to think of things I am thankfull for and I thought about how lately I have had the amazing priviledge to watch little baby Eleanor, my fabulous friends Wade & Joanna's new baby girl. She basically just sleeps on my chest while I get to kiss her head and adore her. Its so nice having such a little cute thing snuggle up to you and rest in your arms. It made me wish I was that small and could fall asleep on in someone's arms. It looks so comfortable and safe.

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Maria Purviance said...

bad days suck. interesting..never went to the hairdresser just for a shampoo and drying. kind of sound fun. it's always nice to have someone pamper you for a while.