sherry, sherry baby.

For those of you who do not yet know,
I have taken a part-time job at a 50's style diner that serves all French Canadian food. I took it because my tax bill from last year is still screaming at me, and so are a few other debts that I have so awfully accumulated. Then the hop
e is that once I have payed off all those debts, I can save the extra money to buy an amazing Canon digital SLR camera. Well see.
So far the job hasn't conflicted with my YWAM work so its perfect. The location of the diner is grea
t too, just a few blocks from where I live and where the YWAM base is located. On the most amazing street in Vancouver, Commercial Drive. (home of over 35 coffee shops and over 25 ethnic restaurants)

I have been having a great time working there, its a cool way for me to interact with people and I realize that I love serving, AND I'm good at it. The owner is straight from Quebec and is a crazy man but I like him. And he likes me. They have already offered me a promotion. Its also been good
for me because its keeping me a little extra busy, which is nice, takes my mind off the inevitable sadness that follows the 'break-up'.

Here's a picture of me in my uni
form, with my wonderful friend Jenna who surprised me at work one day! And yes, those ARE purple leg warmers. Amazing, I know.


DavenHeather said...

man i am so out of the loop.. new job, the "breakup"????, yikes.. missing you and all the good food that the drive has to offer.. bring me some sushi....

The Overworked Barista said...

Best outfit ever. What do the guys have to wear though? Are there roller skates involved?

Maria Purviance said...

ywam base? are you in ywam?

Maria Purviance said...

i use to be in ywam..did my dts in colorado springs..went on outreach to azerbaijan...married my dts leader's son (i didn't meet him until after outreach...)..his parents are still in ywam...i have lots of friends in ywam. so what do you do at your base? i live in kansas city now...a mom( to a five month old) and a student(going for nursing). we might go back to ywam some day...maybe not..who knows. for now, we are here.

S.R. Duncan said...

Hey Hanna, nice blog. Thought I'd let you know I do a Commercial Drive blog, http://thedriveisalive.blogspot.com
Check it out.

S.R. Duncan said...

Oops, sorry for spelling your name wrong!

Maria Purviance said...

I forgot to tell you..i can across your blog from Jo's blog.