i love this.

So I was pointed to a new website...

and i love it!

You know all the product(red) stuff that a collaboration of celebrities are a part of, and other company's like The Gap & Apple? Well I always thought it was a good idea in essence, but when it came down to it, jacking up the price 30% and then only giving 10% to the cause seemed a little too much like a marketing scheme.
Then I found this....



Big Ear Creations said...

I just searched blogs and happened across it! That's cool about YFC. I almost took on a YFC center in Woodstock Ontario at one point.

We help run a church www.freedomhouse.ca in Brantford and this are good good... but hey... Vancouver would be a great mission's destination!

do you run a center?

Joshua said...

I still want the red ipod...and I mean if I'm gonna spend my money I might as well buy it. (that and it's featured in the refurbished section)

The gap though...man, they had these armbands that were strings and they wanted ten bucks.

Big Ear Creations said...

I just linked this story... been thinking about it this weekend

Really like the Blog

and most humble apologies! I like YWAM too! Have another friend in Hawaii with them now. How did they get stinkin Hawaii as a home base anyway???