ohh vancouver.

My friend Ryan brought my attention to this:

Call out to THE PARTY PEOPLE young and old, in and around Vancouver.

Date & Time: March 24th at 3:00 PM end at 3:15 PM
: T- Art Gallery South Side (Robson Steps) Same as last year!!! and Next Year.
Don't boff anyone who is not armed with a pillow. Use common sense and be compassionate.
The Rules are:
Look inconspicuous (For effect don't draw attention to yourself) Hide your Pillow so it's not visible (preferably feather) Do not congregate in the location try to be generally around it. *It will be really weird when "Out of Nowhere" all these people start to Pillow Fight.* 1: At exactly 3pm Pillows OUT!!! And descend onto Robson Square.
ONLY Pillow fight those with Pillows
. DO NOT hit bystanders or cameras unless invited.

Wow. What a funny city. Sometimes its reasons like this that remind me why Vancouver stands out. Why I love it so. Not that I need much convincing anyways. I just wish that my family would move out here.


Corey said...

thats freakin amazing! i need to get one going here in Seattle.

glad you like my thoughts. most days they drive me insane.

ryguy said...

I will be there.

ryguy said...

I will be there.

Jo Hanson said...

oh, that looks so fun!

Emily Deu said...

Oh I wish I could be there, it sounds like a blast! I miss vancouver!