Stranded part 4

I hope you all realize that I am not a big negative person. I love road trips, I love God and all the great things He does. I know it isn't always easy. I know that verse that says take up your cross and follow me. I know. Don't worry. I know.

Sometimes I worry that I am always blogging in the "moment" of my emotions. Maybe I should wait for them to pass before I blog. But then. I think that is what makes good writing.
Actually. I think this might be my last apologetic blog about what I write on here. Yeah...something about that feels liberating. I will not apologize for what I feel.

Anyways. I'm still in Regina with Nick. (I'm sorry, but who named this city Regina? The 5 year old kid me in chuckles every time I say it)
The van will hopefully be fixed ohh...this weekend. It will be good to get away.

Nick got me a great book for Valentines day called "i love you when you whine" hhahhaah its so great. Made me chuckle.

Happy Valentines Day people. Group Hug. Kumbaya. Kissy kissy. Hold hands. Skip to your loo.


The Overworked Barista said...

I mispronounce regina in my head everytime I say it outloud. Keeps me in check. Just think Reh-gheena

Your words should need no apologies, they should just serve as a reminder to how you felt and where you were at the moment it was written. Also, as a reminder that your opinions change.

*reading your old entries is very wierd I tell you, very wierd*

jacqui said...

haha ... yeah, all americans (be they 5 or 50) will laugh at a city in canada named "Regina."

Anonymous said...

i hope it gets all over with soon deary!
i hope you're a good navigator.... cuz when nick and i went to illinois and back.. eek, i suck at maps!
anyways, i hope to see you safe at home soon!
happy v day!


jamie said...

no apologizing to anyone.. you write for yourself, that is what blogging is all about! At least it should be...
hope you get outta regina.. hehe.. soon ;) (I always laugh to)

ryguy said...

For everyone who needs another Chuckle we have a street in calgary called

"Shaganappi trail"
yes, i said "SHAG-A-NAPPI" funny eh?

Robbymac said...

Skip to my loo? Are you serious? Why would anyone skip to the toilet? Running full-tilt because of a bad ratio of urine to bladder size, I could understand. But skip?

My confused.

Say hi to Nick, anyway...