.my life is stressing me out.

With all these roadblocks, hopscotch, ups and downs and all arounds.
Looking for the definite. The immaculate.
The right. The light. The way to life.
Will he ever get a chance?
I'm feeling so tired.
Can't you hear her cries? Can't you see his pain?
I would almost believe this is a curse.
Seemin' like everything (again) is taking it's turn for the worse.
I believed You when You said You saw.
When You said You knew it all.
I keep trying to give You this burden.
And sometimes I think its gone. Its finally my turn.
My turn to twirl, skip, laugh and play.
Then I see it happen again. again. Back to the start.
My head. my heart. my back. every part.
Subject once again. Breaking our life like a forcefull tide.
I'm stalled in mid stride.

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Stu Bish said...

I seem to remember a discussion once about me having a go at turning some of your words into songs.

Whatever happened to that?