stranded part 3

I just read a comment that my pastor left me that said "you should just come home" and ya know. Nothing has ever felt more appealing! haha home in New Brunswick. ahhh yes. beautiful.

Well I have become less synical and have been more open to the fact that God can speak in these situations. I'm not saying He has. I'm just saying I"m more willing to listen.

Anyways. I'm broke from having to pay for all these extra expenses that this broken van has caused. We are staying at this lady's house whom we hadn't met until we showed up at her front door. ah ha ywam style. She's been great though. Even if it is a bit awkward. Hopefully the van will be ready on Thursday but something tells me that won't happen.

Other than that things are ok. I feel a bit useless and wanting to DO something but you can't really DO anything when you are stranded with no car and no money. So I thought this would be a good time to press into God a bit more but... I have been having a difficult time doing "quiet times" lately. I feel like I have scrapped all I can off the surface and in order to get more I need to dig deeper, but I don't know where to start or how that looks for me. I have also been feeling a bit off with the G man lately. The best way I can put it is this. You know when you have a friend, a really great friend whom you love so much, but you had a falling out and all you want to do is call them and just go hang out and have fun but you know that you can't do that. You first need to go and have the confrontation and talk about all the issues and deal with them? Well thats how I feel about God right now. Not that i have these huge issues that are so awful...but its just a bunch of little things that have added up that I dont really know what to do with, and feel just kinda like. "ahh, jeez!" about. hmm i'm doing a really bad job at explaining. maybe thats a good thing. Maybe if I was explaining it well then i'd be embaressed that I wrote about it on the internet. hmmmm.

this seems like a good place to stop.

bye bye bye my little bloggy blogger online journal.


jacqui said...

i love you too.

Jo Hanson said...


if i were in your position, i would have gone home already! :)

people who overspiritualize everything ie--getting stranded in a six person to one hotel room with no money and saying that 'God wants us to be here'--are the scary kind of Christians. realistic Christ following is where it is at.

if i were were from NB I would stay there :) in fact, i'd move there right now if I could.

Anonymous said...

well hannah, I was looking forward to seeing you in Calgary too. I hope at least... its not to cold there.