Now I am officially stranded.
4 of them leave tomorrow. buggers.
grumble grumble.
Nick & I are here till the van is fixed...which is hopefully Thursday.
Which I guess wouldn't be too bad, its just that i was SOOO LOOKING FORWARD to Calgary. I have about 5 friends there that I havn't seen in years and the idea of seeing them was what was keeping me warm in Winnipeg. And I am beginning to wonder. Who ever actually CHOSES to live in Regina?

and Rob. You are getting it. See example below.


jacqui said...

all this van stuff is crap. i miss you too ... can i call you or something?

Robbymac said...


The sound you are hearing is me quaking in my boots.

Remember, I'm old, so I break easy. Let you conscience be your guide. :)

nakedpastor said...

you could just come home 8)