in Regina.

Stranded in Regina. la la la.

Our van's transmission threw up on the highway and now we are stranded in regina. All 6 in one hotel room. They are telling me to look at it in the way that "maybe God wants us here" but I have come to the point where I don't really want to make everything so stinking spiritual. So we are in Regina. Our transmission is blown. I'm running out of money.
Here's my idea of a good prayer life right now.

"God , here is my list of demands"

"oh, and p.s. i know that You are good"

ohhh road trips.

-if anyone tells me that this will become a loving memory i will do something with my fist involing your flesh, or if you tell me that you will pray for patience, i will also do something equally as powerfull-


jamie said...

Hilarious and sad on so many levels..

kathryn said...

hannah, i have to tell you that God doesn't want you in regina.
He wants you in seattle.

so come here.

(p.s. sorry God for using your name ina joke that was really funny)

Robbymac said...

Dude, that sucks.

Since I'm a reasonably safe distance away from your awesome and fearful reach (at least until Edmonton), I'll go out on a limb and cautiously suggest that God might actually be up to something. So stay alert. You never know... :)

Stu Bish said...

What happens if it does actaully become a loving memory? Do all us readers get to punch you?

and for the record, I'm pretty sure I'm qualified to say I know how you feel in this one!

Rob, Hannah punches hard when she wants to, so be ready.