The Difran's

So last night, our team went to go visit Dave & Heather and their two cute son's Ari & Noah.
They used to be on staff with us at YWAM Vancouver, in fact, Heather single handedly ran the whole office with her talent of multi tasking skills.
They moved just outside of Winnipeg last Spring...so it was really great to be able to spend a bit of time with them again.
She made one of my favorite meals, Taco Soup....mmmmmmm.....Taco soup.
Let me tell you, any parents with twins. I salute you. Dave & Heather work soo hard, I just stand in awe of how great of a team they make. It really is amazing how sefless they are, how devoted they are to their family. And plus, Heather is definitely a hot mum. And the boys are just sooooooo adorable!

Here are a few pictures of my time with them.

This first one is Noah...
And here's Ari!

And Noah, Ari and Heather....aww so cute.