Goodbye Winnipeg...

I actually feel a little sad to leave. Here is my top 5 favorite things about Winnipeg.

1) Even though it is freezing cold, the sky has always been so clear and blue. It really is beautiful

2) It is a small city, but its cute. Quaint. Friendly. Lots of interesting things happening here.

3) Jamie & Kim. This was my first time I felt like I actually got to be around them and I really liked it. I like them. They are radical. Despite the fact that Jamie abu...oh nevermind...

4) Ellice Cafe. A non-profit cafe & theatre that serves amazing food and really helps out people in the community.

5) Mennonite food.

So tomorrow morning at 6 am we leave for Calgary. I'm excited to go see a few friends there that I havn't seen in awhile. Other than that, I am kinda feeling tired. Stressed out. Fat (road trips always make me feel fat, its lots of food with little exercise) Stressed out. Yeah I am definitely stressed. Mostly personal stuff that, over the past few months, hasn't gotten easier only harder. So it seems that any little thing can make me irritable or tasks that I usually can take on easily leave me whipped out and exhausted.

Anyways. Since I am the first driver tomorrow, I am going to go get my sleep.

Much love to you blogland.


Robbymac said...

Hey Hannah,

Thanks for the link -- I think you are pretty cool, too! (and the rest of the crew, as well)

I won't tell you how warm it is here in Kelowna, but I discovered all over again that I miss living in the North End of Winnipeg (but the cold IS pretty intense).

See y'all in Edmonton!

Jamie Arpin-Ricci said...

LOL! Winnipeg will miss you too. We will too!