8 pounds

Well its 2007 and so far to show for it i have a few extra pounds. I wish i was talking about the English currency. But I'm not. I'm talking about the Crofton house baking extravaganza that happened, the huge turkey, the wine, the chocolate, chips, stuffing, salads, korean bbq's, cheese fondues, chocolate fondues...all that ended up in my oh so full tummy before i even had a chance to understand what was going on!
Ohh it was a yummy yummy holiday.
There is nothing like wearing pajama pants all day long!

Happy New Year everyone, good luck with those resolutions!


Audrey said...

hannah i miss you. fill me in on your life!! what's next for you?

Jill said...

Hey Hannah, I'm with you on the pj thing. I kicked out the computer from my library in anticipation of a snowday/pj thing.(dont want the kids banging away on it, interferes with the mood) still hoping and waiting tho...........