Hannah's Top 6 movies of 2006

X-Men - The last stand.
I had a hard time choosing between this one and Jackass 2.
I picked this one because I loved the previous two and and I mean, come on, it's X-Men!

I really loved this movie, even though I thought it was a bit of a disappointment at first. When i look back, it was definitely one of my top six.

Talladega Nights
Ok so I know this movie may be just another "Will Ferrell" movie...but seriously, I just love that guy. His humour is usually obscene and awful, but it speaks to me and makes me pee myself in laughter. I'm almost shy to admit that I have seen this movie 5 times! eek!

This movie made me want to stick it to the man, blow up the government and take back the land! Boycott! Buy pirated DVDs! Debate! Riot! Ahh...this was definitely a masterpiece. "God is in the rain"

Little Miss Sunshine.
love it. heart it. mean it. This movie was so creative, colourful and fun. Totally a must see, if you are ok with it not really making much sense. I love the little girl in this movie. She is my new all star.

The Last Kiss
I am still not quite sure why I liked this movie so much. I think it basically all boils down to two things 1) I love Zach Braff and 2) He slept on her porch for nights to prove his love...sigh...

The Holiday
I just recently saw this movie and I had to put it in here, because it made me laugh and cry...and there is the cutest old man in it. I love old people. Cameron Diaz looks beautiful in this movie and Jack Black does well playing a normal person for once. This is definitely a chick flick.


jacqui said...

thanks for your honesty ... i've only seen three of six. i'll have to check the others out. ps ... who doesn't love zach braff?

Jo said...

i love the little girl in little miss sunshine with all my heart too. :) fabulous movie! also, i normally don't like chick flicks, but the holiday got to me too. know why? it was the old man... yep.

Anonymous said...

youve seen Telladega nights five times!?!? although.. i have to admit after i watched it I was quoting the "Dear baby Jesus line..." over and over