I have been thinking a lot lately about worship. Sometimes I find it so hard to engage, captivate myself in this activity. Now i know "worship is a lifestyle" and all that...but lets put aside christianese for a minute. I am talking about musical worship. The kind we have every monday morning here at the base and sometimes I feel like I have to pull my own teeth out to get myself to really meditate on God and His admirablness. I know that God is totally deserving of my sacrifices to Him. Of course. He is God.
I could sit here and talk to you about my generation and how our minds are constantly being taunted with advertising, tv's, ipod's, videogames, media and such things that it makes it harder for us to meditate then maybe the older generations. But I dont want to use that as an excuse either. So I stand in worship, or sit, and i start singing the songs. I think of the words I am saying and I realize... that 90% of the songs that get sung are about Jesus and Me. Me and Jesus. What Jesus did for me, how Jesus makes me feel, what Jesus is to me. I do not want to undermine in any sense Jesus, because obviously he is a considerably colossal, extravagent and vast guy. At the same time, and boldly I say this, if i was a non christian and went to church and listened to worship would I think that we are people that only care about ourselves and how Jesus makes us feel better? When I read scripture usually the parts that I recognize that someone made a song out of come from the Psalms, or the Gospels. Why doesn't someone get insipired to write songs out of Revelation, Isaiah, Ezekiel. Write songs about the future, a hope, justice and peace? I know some exist out there. But I'm thinking that most of our song writing is only capturing a part of what is really out there waiting to be created. The songs that engage me the most are the ones soley about God and His greatness.
here comes another bold statement.
The "secular" world is so much better at making music. Lets look at our culture. Rap is huge. Why is it so effective? Why is it that when we listen to rap the words seem to shake our bones, they stand out and scream at us from our stereos or headphones. I think sometime it would be neat to have some music playing and a person just get up and read old church prayers, scripture and poems. Imagine how breathtaking that could be!
Yeah, just some stuff I have been thinking about.


April Lindh said...

Hmm, who's still here... Heather Ronhovde, Allison, and I think that's it. Jenna and Allen just came to visit though. Oh yeah, and Brandon is doing SOW right now. you should come visit! We miss you, April

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Renee said...

you have some great thoughts there...i've been having some similar ones myself, and have been meaning to write a blog about it, but you beat me to it

The Barista Worker said...

Ah the power of music. It haunts us all, sometimes I can just listen to a song and not even absorb it...then other times I'll well up for no reason.

Basically I'm saying every piece has the perfect place and time, I just wish people would figure that out when it comes to music.

(AKA...boring churchs songs make for boring church)

- that Josh Miller-boy.