So this is the first post i've written in quite some time....i can't believe i am writing it from hong kong. who knew.
Heres a funny story.
This morning i woke up and i was like "hmm i have to go pee" and as i was stumbling down the stairs to the washroom i was thinking about how my face felt funny. So i went to the toilet and washed my hands and then looked in the mirror and screamed. To my horror over night i had turned into a big marshmellow. No kidding. My face had swelled up to an incredible size. my cheeks, my neck, my forehead was pressing down on my eyes (I was wondering why seeing felt funny) and my LIPS of all (for those of you who know that i used to want bigger lips, now i know why i look best with small ones) for my lips looked like i had just gotten out of plastic surgery. it was funny and scary all at the same time.
I woke up rachel, she laughed at me for a bit then suggested i go to the doctor which we did.
We get there and I show the docotor my face (which was hard to not show) and then my foot which had swollen up a few days ago that i thought nothing of. Then i looked down and realize it was so swollen getting my shoe off was actually a task. hahahhaha
who else would this happen to but me??

So besides this escipade....i love hong kong. It may be my favorite city I have been too so far on this outreach.
But the countdown is on...1 week till i get to go back home to vancouver. I am SO EXCITED.
until then....

love you guys!!!


Kristina said...

so you didnt say what actually happened to your face! weirdness!the part about rachel laughing at you made me laugh out loud. I love the sensitivity....

The Barista Worker said...

I'm sorry Hannah. I'm a very visual person and the thought of you with a swollen face just made me burst into tears of laughter. At the same time my sister once had what my family called the alien flu, it involved her entire face swollen to a disportiantely large and tumor like stage...so it happens. I laughed at her too in all fairness.

Poor Girl. Enjoy your last week the best you can.

Rachel said...

hehehe...i did laugh out loud its true...but if you were there!!!

i love you han! you rock!

Reba said...

han, i love you. hk seems like so long ago...yet, it was like only a couple of weeks ago...good times. so what's up with your life? what are you thinking about these days? i want to hear what's going on in that boundless mind of yours...