So I found this picture of a market in Kun Ming on the internet and right away my heart fluttered. Thats where I am going! AHHHH. You dont know how excited I am to go overseas again. I feel like my prayer is finally being answered. I felt like something died in me when I couldn't go on outreach with the fall DTS. That was one of the lowest lows I had in awhile I must admitt. But sheepishly I will also admitt that it has been a major blessing to stay behind and get to connect with the January DTS. Hmmm....funny how God does work all out for good. DANG! Is He ALWAYS right?? He must think I am so silly sometimes.
Anyways. The reason I am posting is because I am totally believing in faith that I will get the other 3 billion dollars to go to China. I heart China.
and if i dont...i will rob a bank.
I must awake the Jacob within me. I demand my blessing!!!!
Come on God. Lets wrestle!!!!


craigchurch said...

if you get 3 billion dollars will you bring back all the tea in china?

Larph said...

for a china photo, there's not a lot of people in it!
have a great time in zhong guo.