Once upon a time I was summer staff at a circle square ranch.
Its like a western style camp where you sleep in covered wagons. totally rad. There are over 10 of them across Canada.
I spent about 4 summers staffing there. I was a camp counsellor, and I think you would even be suprised to know that I taught archery, wall climbing and canoeing. I know how to rescue a capsized boat. Bet you never knew that one!
Hahahaha I dont even remember how i got qualified for that.
I remember one time when it was raining and we didn't know what to do with the ranchers (thats what we called the kids that came through in the summer) we went to the horse corral and had a "mud" fight (really we were throwing wet horse shit at each other)
The week would end off with the parents coming on a saturday to watch our "rodeo." (Yes, with real live horses! Western style riding baby!)
We even did the mail every day like the old times. The ranchers would l
ine up and we would make them yell "here comes the pony express" and then one of us staff would ride through on a horse that is running and throw a mail sack at the "cherif" (director of the camp, see picture below) And sometimes bandits would come and steal the mail and the cheriff. I got to play a bandit a few times. This camp was my excuse to live out my cowgirl dream.
Ahh the memories.

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