god is bigger than the boogie man.

So I realized lately that I have this melancholy part to my soul. But on the flip side I love to laugh and experience joy, passion, good company, wine, dreams and love.
I also realized that it is easy for me to get in a 'funk'. Sort of just go through my day without really experiencing, or looking for, the blessings and such that God puts in my path.
This may seem like a vain story, but it just really reminded me that God cares about the small things too. So my cell phone, broke. Which basically, if I don't have, no one will ever get a hold of me. And I really really really didn't want to sign into another 2 or 3 year contract with a phone company, which is usually what you have to do to get a new phone that won't cost you up your wazoo.
So I had been looking on the internet, scooping prices of people selling their cell phones and trying to find a good deal. Not only did I find a good deal, I found a GREAT deal. This guy bought this cell phone for his g/f and she didn't like it, so he sold it to me for about 1/2 the price he payed for it, and its BRAND NEW. like totally brand new. hallujah.
(I don't know how to spell hallejuah, hallejah) whatever.

anyways. it was a small, vain thing that made me really happy.

So go ahead, take a bite of my chocolate.

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