cloudy day, cloudy brain.

I've been melancholy the past few days. I'm not totally sure why, I'm sure if I took time to actually listen, maybe journal or pray it would all come spilling out. But for some reason I'm procrastinating that. Its weird. I work and work and work and by the time I have a moment to myself I just really want to do something brainless.

So, for those of you who don't know...last week on friday was my last day with YWAM. I had been thinking of leaving since I came back from a mobile tour in February, but a lot of fears where attatched with leaving. YWAM is all i know. But I could feel it was time, at least, for the place I was in and the base I was at, I didn't feel like I was really doing much anymore. So my last meeting went okay. just fine.

Like I said, I'm working all summer. Then for the fall I'm getting into photography school. It feels right, and its one of the few things that I seem to be really excited and passionate about these days. I can't wait to learn and create...and oh man, what a great outlet. I'm hoping photography will be a foundation for me to maybe someday become a speaker...to use photos as an avenue to awaken people to want to be more active in justice issues...to tell stories...and show beauty that most people wouldn't get to see with their own two eyes.

Ok well back to gilmore girls! (going through all the seasons on dvd) muh ahahhaha i'm bad.


Anonymous said...

reading this makes me feel emotional. but, i understand. good for you. strong of you.

i like gilmore girls too.

Jim said...

Hannah, remember that time that I ripped Nick's boxers off at the chili wagon? That was pretty funny.

So no more YWAM.....alright, you're way too cool for that place anyways....well I mean everyone else is still awesome, you're just rad. that's all there is too it. Good luck at photography school.