tell me it gets better.

When your 30, does it get better?

Do you stop:

asking the questions: who is God? what am I supposed to do for Him? If I think I sorta got a glimpse of an idea, what do I even do with that? what is love? who do I love? when do I know I can commit? whats the difference between in love, and love? who tells us these things? how can I trust they are right, or on crack? where is my next paycheck coming from? when will I get out of debt? how do I make a difference in the world? how do I deal with pain without letting it consume me? what am I doing with my life? am I making the right decisions? are my parents proud of me? am I growing at all? how do I do my taxes?

Even if you don't stop asking these questions, do they at least seem not so huge and scary? Do you end up sort of like, feeling a bit more peace or something?

like i mean. my brain, my poor head. So many things are thrown at me all at once and I so badly want to make God proud, do what gives me life and what is best for my future.



Gorilla Bananas said...

"whats the difference between in love, and love?"

Now that's a good question, Hannah, which I wrote about here.

As for God, I think he likes it when you do good deeds. Don't have sex with the Devil, God will never forgive you if you do that.

Big Ear Creations said...

Better at 30?

Kind of... except all of a sudden you can listen to country music without having to stick a fork in you eye to numb the pain.

Actually, my favorite verse right now is Proverbs 4:5 where it says "Get wisdom, get understanding..."

It's awesome because it says that if we don't have an answer... we can get it... sometimes the answer is "No answer yet", but at least you know that He's in control of dishing out the right leading!

Audrey said...

thats awesome hannah, when you find that book send it to me too ok!