the aroma of jesus.

Last night, after working so hard for about 10 hours, I was asked to go out for a few beers with some friends, and their friends whom I didn't know.

I was all over that like a kid on candy.

I had had such a crazy, busy day and the thought of sitting in a fun pub with enjoyable company and a precious beer was making me feel a bit more upbeat. So I went, I met new people, and really felt like it was not your typical "I don't know you but yet we will talk so its not awkward" kind of conversation. It was a real, amazing connection conversation. I got the chance to be real about my faith and the little things I believe about life. I got the chance to listen to people's stories and hear their pain and happiness. I walked away feeling so blessed that I had gotten to meet such extraordinary humans. Real human-y humans. None of that fake crap.

Last night was a direct application of what I had been thinking about in the morning. I was reading out of Acts when Peter and Paul were taking before the council for healing some dude. And the religious people were mad and there was this big argument and then someone said "I recognize them as those dude's who were with Jesus." And something about that sentence just made me think, will people recognize me as someone who has been with Jesus? Do I have His fragrance all over me? I hope I do. I want it, I want it to constantly linger on me. The sweetest aroma of all.

"Heart shattered lives ready for love, never for a moment escape God's notice" - Psalm 51


ryguy said...

I wanna smell like jesus too!!

and hey It was so awesome to see my two worlds collide and totally dig each other last night. you blessed me so much!!

Big Ear Creations said...

I preached a youth retreat last year where I talked about "annointing". I covered a stuffed rabbit in what OT annointing oil would have been like (heavy on the cinamin actually)... but basically it was very thick and strong smelling.

I then began to get the kids to hug that rabbit... i through it at others (youth... go figure). It the end, it was so clear that when the Lord is on us, we're marked by his smell... it's thick and tough to get off... people SMELL us coming