i'm not sure if i like cats.

This is my friend Krista's cat. I met him at her house in Lacombe, Alberta. He was pretty nice, my favorite time with him was when I had a mirror in my hand which was relfecting off light. He would chase the light dot thingy around the room for so long. Jumping at walls, crouching down to be able to "pounce" on the light. It was pretty amusing. Maybe more for me than for him. Anyways. Point of story. Sometimes I like cats. But usually I don't. Especially outdoor cats.

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Notes from the Tall, Dutch Guy said...

I too am unsure whether I like cats or not. One minute they are a less maintainence version of a small dog, the next minute they are, well.... cats. Thanks for the comments, and yes, Dutch cheese is the best cheese in the world.