I was wrong!

I was wrong.

I judged.

I have always judged the Montreal airport. I don't like it. Its boring, expensive and I swore that they took all the grumpiest French people and stuck them in the same building. I used to hate the look that I got from some of them once they realized that I did not speak French...
I always dread coming through this airport...I know I really do sound like I am being a big baby. But I'm just being truthful.

Don't get me wrong, I love the city of Montreal.

The airport...YUCK.

Until. RIGHT NOW. When I discovered....FREE WIRELESS.

Its true. I didn't have to pay. ITS FREE!! YAYYAYAY STICK IT TO THE MAN!

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The Overworked Barista said...

I'm afraid my hatred for Cleveland, Cincinnatti, and Atlanta Airports will never waiver...but I'm glad your inner rebel has made you more accepting!

- Josh Miller