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"IMAGINE spending up to eight hours a day walking to get water — knowing that this water will make you sick. But the alternative is no water at all. This leaves you no time to work to provide for your family. Your kids are often sick and unable to attend school. This is reality for half the population of Africa — 360 million people.

Instead of dwelling on how enormous the need is, let's do something to make a difference.
When you buy this tee shirt, 100% of the purchase price goes into clean water drilling projects in Africa. It's not your imagination — you can make a difference. Together, we can change a continent. We're halfway there."


hannah said...

If you want to buy a Tshirt, but not a bundle. Let me know, I already have some friends in Vancouver that are going to buy a bundle and then you can just buy a tshirt from us!

The Overworked Barista said...

I'd love a shirt.