Last night, my isight camera stopped working in my oh-so-loved macbook. Let me tell you, I was never one to debate Mac's vs PC's but since switching. I have found the light, so you can see why I was soo sad that one of my favorite features stopped working. That little camera leaves me with hours of giggles. So I went to my trusty friend leigh to help, and he did, but this morning, it stopped working again. NOO!! I only got this macbook a few weeks ago, I didn't want to send it to the shop yet.
So i called mr. macman. (i love you macman!) and he walked me through everything and helped me fix it over the phone.

So now I can breathe easier. phew.

This photo is a represtentation to what I would do if someone ever took my beloved macbook.

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nakedpastor said...

that's exactly how i feel about my mac. there's something precious about them that pc's can never attain. good pic!