lick it.

fold it. post it. lick it. tuck it. wrap it. stuff it.

That is what I did tonight. I stuffed tons of envelopes FULL of tax receipts that we will be sending out too all the people that supported Canadian missionaries this past year.
Let me tell you, doing this really encouraged me. There has been many time where i felt frustrated because I thought 'no one was giving to missions'....or actually I'll be honest...not just missions...but young individual missionaries such as myself.
But after helping to stuff over 3,000 envelopes, all for people that generously give and believe in the people that they are supporting...I was just like.

wow. what an amazing partnership

Its so beautiful. They give so that we can give. And we all gain. And the kingdom grows. I guess it is true that in giving, we truly receive.

Tonight made me think of where I was a few years ago, and it's definitely not the first time I realized this, but it hit me in a new way tonight. I am so blessed. God has provided for me so many times through so many fabulous individuals. I don't know, if I will ever really be able to tell them, just how much their generosity blesses me. I hope they will be able to see it someday, when they watch the movie of their life.

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Jenn said...

They probably won't get it even if you DO try to tell them, unless they have the privilege of experiencing it themselves. When I was an "actual missionary" in London (before becoming a self-supported one @ Sbux), I got to experience what you're describing so well. And you're right. It's incredible. Thanks for sharing it.