i would like to say....

- i really don't like being cold.
- New Brunswick is really really cold.
- i have expensive taste on a missionary budget. damn.
- i have never been down south on a vacation. where it is warm. and i really want to swim up to a bar...
- i wish i didn't live so far away from family.
- why has no one ever written a book about "how cold, cold feet are" in reference to marriage?
- i have officially become an internet "lurker" due to blogs, myspace and other such websites.
- i have a new passion for knowledge. someone! give me something good to read!
- sometimes i say to much. and regret it later.
- i really love making lists.
- i love getting the "word of the day" from dictionary.com
- i think showers are over-rated.
- i wish there were churches that exist today, that would look a lot like the ones that paul went too.
- i wonder if anyone in heaven break-dances. that would be cool.

thats all for now. thanks for reading my little blog.


jamie said...

i hear you hannah, i am soo not over blogging.

and i totally didn't know you had a sister!! Weird..

Anonymous said...

hum.. i didn't know you had a sister either. wow, there is so much to know about you that I guess I don't.

i don't like being cold either.

jenna deyong said...

hannah. so obviously, i'm catching up on your blog... can i just say I LOVE YOU! we'll work on the expensive taste with a missionary budget - i'm with ya there... but i've found, it makes it more fun to treat it like a game: see how creatively we can spend and save our money to make it go a long way, and... utilize other 'forgotten' resources - that's where we enlist the wonders of our imaginations!!!

i too, agree that showers are over-rated.. i think i said that three times yesterday, actually. i won't disclose how i plan out my days so that i can take the least amount possible, while still having good hygiene.. did i already say too much?