Bath or Shower?

I have been thinking a lot lately on which I like better.
Bath or Shower?
Showers definately seem to wake me up more, make me feel a bit cleaner. They are something you can usually count on. Despite random suprises in water pressure, most showers are familiar.

Baths on the other hand are much more relaxing, but I always find it so hard to get the water just right. To hot, my feet are burning and I do this dance of hopping in and out of the tub. I add cold water. I get in. In 10 minutes I have to add hot water, now my hands are wet and I need to get a towel so I can pick up my book again but the towel is over by the sink and I can't reach it. crap. But those bathtubs with the jets are spectacular. Like the Mercedes of Tubs.

I found that I used much less water showering than I do when taking a bath.
Still another thing (concerning showers) is that singing sounds better in the shower. People have speculated that the acoustics of the small shower stall are the cause. Well, I
think it is the "white noise" of the shower, which softens the sound of your voice. Also, I think you actually hear the original record, in your mind, while you sing. That's why everyone likes to sing along to those nostalgic Beatles records, and make innocent people cover their ears while making their bacon and eggs.



DavenHeather said...

those are good observations. totally depends on my mood for me. if i am looking to relax its bath for sure but i tend to just get really hot and all the work of waiting for the water to fill and all that ugg i may as well just stay dirty.

Kristina said...

a shower! if I want to sit in hot water Ill go to a hot tub. a bath tub just doesnt cut it.

kathryn said...

why make a decision between the two? they are both equally enjoyable, and i feel like i would hurt one of their feelings if i were to side with one and not the other. but really, why do we need to decide which one is better when you can experience both?
i <3 you and am comming to see yall in vancouver in about 2 months.