Hmm...So I have been sitting here thinking about how I want a tattoo on my left arm. I have always been drawn towards Mary...so i looked up some pics on the net and this is what I found...this first one here I like the idea of the colours and the heart in the middle, only I think i would make her face a bit different and i'd rough it up a bit all over..maybe make everything darker...
This next one I don't like how cartoonish it is, and I would cover the babies face a bit more and not make mary blonde obviously but I like the
positioning and the star behind her...
And then I found this design of the rose which i thought was super neat...but I dont know how I would incorperate it, and it is sooo detalied..I dont know. What do you think??


Renee said...

love the tattoo ideas. the cartoon one would actually be pretty cool I think with a few changes, but go with whatever you like the most. Just remember, tattoos can be addictive. I already started planning what I want for a second tattoo as soon as I got the first.

micah said...

heyur goin to the evan rnt u
sincerely micah

Evan said...

I think you should get a tatoo of my glorious face ya heard

p.s we are still going to prom right?

Anonymous said...

Dont get any of those tattoos, get something cool like a really horizontilly thin skull on your arm so when you flex, it stretches out!

From little brother luke