Oh the "ode to girls nights."
Where abundance in sushi, sappy romance movies, and heaps of chocolate seem to calm my spirit. Ok so maybe I put to much spiritualness in that last sentence. But really, there is something about being in the prescence of women who are being true to themselves, embracing who they are and exploring the world that God created for them. I truely do value all my relationships with women. I feel like God has blessed me tremdenously with the circle of friends that entered my life when i moved to vancouver. Really though!! Sometimes I look around the room and i think about how comfortable I feel being ME when I am around them. And I thank God for all that he has taught me through these beautiful ladies.


kathryn said...

i'm more woman than you'll ever need, all rolled into one fine body.
ps i miss thee.

kathryn said...


DavenHeather said...

you are special hannah. happy birthday!!! love you.

angela l said...

love you hannah, HHHappy B-day!