I have done a bad job of writing these past few days. maybe its been a few weeks. i cant even remember. So I had my BIRTHDAY! which was amazing. I can't believe I am 21. I've been waiting forever to be this age. I think I am going to get a tattoo this year and do a 21 day fast this year. but no promises to both of those...its just what I am thinking.
This past week we had our YWAM staff retreat. wow. my brain is fuzzy. We covered so much from all dumping our emotions on the table, to remembering specific times that God spoke to us, to many other discussions about many other things. It was good. I can confidently say that I heard God speak to me on a number of different issues and I am excited for what it all means. In one week the DTS starts. can you believe that? I can't! Wow. Thats insane. I feel pretty inadequate. I really dont like this post that I am making right now, I feel more like I am making it out of a sense of "must update blog" rather then...i have something i really want to share with whoever is willing to listen...hmm...im going to go drink my green tea.


Renee said...

ahh yes...staff retreat...dumping of emotions...I still remember these things..wish I could have been there.

kathryn said...

i wish i could have been there, too.
you can ship all my crap to me. i'm sorry, i'm kind of in a tight spot right now, how long can you wait for me to send you money? I know it needs to be done soon because it's taking up room in your house, but i think it depends on how much it'll cost.
i'll call you this week.

angela l said...

i dont really have anything to say i just wanted to leave a comment