Ahhh grace. . . What A Thing It Is!
During this past week I have just been hammered with grace.
Sometimes I really get sooo annoyed at myself. I can be so stupid, letting the same sin enter my life over and over and over. Then comes the compromising. Then comes the revelation. the conviction. the repentance. the love. and ahhh the sweetness of grace. I really do love God, I like to say with "all that I am." But I dont want to make a statement that isn't all truth. My spirit does want to worship him and do what right...but since I dont all the time and I seem to be such a slow learner on some subjects...I don't want to be one of those Christians that confess's undying love for their savior but yet deny's his name 3 hours later. God really is amazing. I don't even think I can quite grasp his hugeness, or all of his character. I don't always understand His ways, or His answers. I don't always feel him, hear him...but yet I can still make the statement that "God is Good." I really do want to live a life of sacrifice and love, want to run this race...but when I fail it is the most humbling and relieving thing to know that there is grace.

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