which way to go?

I realize that I've had a hard time blogging lately because I havn't made up my mind if I care about who reads my blog or if I don't.

A lot of time I want to write something, but I am afraid that what I will write will be too vulnerable or honest for those who are reading. If it was just strangers I wouldn't care...but since most people who read this blog are people who know me, I feel like I have to edit out some things I want to say, and then since I have to edit, it makes me not want to write at all.

So I've decided to write on here whatever I want. Sometimes it may be some things that you will think to yourself "You should have just kept that in your journal hannah" or "I can't believe she just said that"...but as we all know when writing sometimes things are exaggerated or emotions are elevated and since I can't seem to write when I'm not just giving it my all, I'd rather write than not at all.
Does that make sense?

So get ready for a new type of blog.


Legroom said...

Hey, just wanted to say good luck with the 'honest blog'.

I'm in the same position as you; I was starting this as somewhere to vent my frustrations but I don't know how anonymous I can be.

Fingers crossed for both of us..

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Anonymous said...

Hey, just stumbled on your blog and. Isnt that the basic idea behind blogging, or atleast blogspot? To be able to just write randomly about whatever, whenever and however you feel the need to express yourself? Its nice to sometimes chance upon something honest and..original so as to say. Let that side out =)