Ah a new post.

I've been reading blogs avidly lately and really have wanted to get into mine more since over the past month its been totally dropped. I just couldn't find the gusto.
I have been working soooo much lately. Between YWAM & the restaurant that I work at, augh. I'm dead tired. Since that is all I have been doing, this post that I am making is going to be all about

"the worst night at work ever"

So I started work at the restaurant in the afternoon. It was me (I am the assistant manager by the way!) and I was training a new girl. Now usually this particular restaurant is not that busy, just more slow and steady. Tonight my friend, was a different story. We have 20 tables in the whole place, all the sudden they just seemed to fill all up. All at once. Not that big of a deal, stressful, and chaotic yes, but funnily enough I usually like that feeling and quite enjoy running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
But training someone while its like THAT is so hard. She would take so long at the computer to send an order through, or just not use common sense, not clear off her tables fast enough, yadda yadda yadda. I know I know, your probably thinking. Hannah have more patience. She's new! But actually this was like her 4th shift.And I was too busy myself to babysit her every move. It made things way more frustrating.

Then this happened.

She spilled ice cubes on the floor. and forgot to wipe them up. Then comes me, carrying a tray with 3 glasses of water, 3 glasses of pop, an 2 beer. I slip, fell on my ass, and all the drinks poured down the entire front of my body. My ass hurt, I was sticky, soaking wet, embarressed, and didn't even have time to go to the bathroom to clean up. I had tables that needed immediate attending too but I knew that at that moment I needed some comic relief or else I'd just start crying. So i went back to the kitchen and the cooks laughed and pointed at me, then I asked them...

"What would you like to hear? Spice up your life, or MMM bop"

They chose Spice Up Your Life. (By the Spice Girls) of course. So I danced and sang, in my sticky mess, in the kitchen, just so I could have a moment to chill out.
Then I ran to help some tables, then ran back to the bathroom, and the oldest one in the book happened to me. I was wearing a skirt you see, a really pretty cute skirt I might add, and after I was finished I didn't realize I had sorta tucked in the bottom back of my skirt into my underwear.
A customer was the one who told me that my panties were showing.
Augh what a night! Finally to top it all off, at the very end the dishwasher threw my generous tip-out that I gave her at my face and told me it was an insult. (I guess she felt she deserved more, but that night my tips had been low, and I actually had tipped out to the kitchen more than what was required of me.) I just started bawling. Like a baby. Sat on the floor and cried. Grabbed 2 beer and drank them. I was sticky. My legs hurt. My feet hurt. My wrists were sore from carrying plates. My finger was burnt. My elbow was scrapped. AUGH.
Then the best thing happened.
My favorite cook to work with, Reuben, (He's from England) sat down, plugged in the jukebox which were not supposed to play, played some songs, drank beer with me, and we smoked right there, on the floor of the restaurant. He was so nice, let me act like a crazy woman (by that i mean cry and laugh at the same time) and just helped me to chill out. It was a beautiful thing.

Now I have to go back to work tonight. Hopefully it isn't such a crazy time. I'm tired!


jamie said...

oh man hannah that sucks...!

Audge said...

sorry girl, that does suck...oh the food business, i will have to say i don't miss it that much!
miss you though!

DavenHeather said...

you obviously are too into something else.. you don't blog enough.. ahh come on i need to know whats going on in your life...

Jim said...

Hannah, Sounds like my time I spent with you guys with my junior highers.....kind of........sorry my friend.