my friend weasly

So I was going to give you an update on Calgary.

but I don't feel like it.

So instead, I am going to write about what is on my mind.
My friend Weasly aka. Sophia.

Sophia is the most amazing, bright, fun, sharp, beautiful little 2 year old girl I know. I love that I have been around her since she was born. I love that she knows my name, and even gave me my own nickname (Buzz).
I love how she sees the world in vibrant colours.
Her imagination blows me out of the water.
Being around her awakens a part of me to dream. play. inspire. love.
I have become so attached to her that I genuinely miss her when I don't see her for awhile.
Today was so good, when I walked into her house to pick her up for the morning,
I was greeted with...
a huge hug.
The kind only little kids can give you where you feel like your the coolest person in the world because this little kid actually wanted to stop running around like a crazy person for a second to give you a huge hug and rest their head on your shoulder.
ah I love those hugs.

So here's to Sophia!!

***Its hard to believe that she now has a new sister that is already stealing just as much of my heart!