i heart continental

Continental Coffee.

Its become such a big part of my every day life over the past while. I knew about it when I first moved here to Vancouver, because they have chocolate whip cream for your mocha's. But I never got here that much because our YWAM base was about 13 blocks away from it. Now that our base has moved and we are only 2 blocks away, I think I am here every day basically.
They have killer soy milk latte's. I mean
, You really can't screw up a latte unless you are some sort of coffee hater...but these ones are extra good.
Not only do they make killer
soy milk latte's,
but they know my name.
"Continental Coffee, Where Everyone Knows Your Name"
I am beginning to be friends with
the workers, and even some of the regular customers. Lots of this is due to Ryan, a fellow YWAM'er who took a part time job here.

So I'm sitting in here, by the window, looking out into the wonderful street I call home. Commercial Drive. Straight ahead of me are snow capped mountains, I even walked backwards to work today for 2 blocks just so I could stare at them. The sky is blue, barely a cloud in the sky, and I am so happy to be alive.
Technically I should be working on
a newsletter, which I came here to do. But I just feel really overwhelmed with my love for this latte, this coffee shop, this street, my friends, the mountains, the beautiful sky, my family and most of all, the most magnificent of all, God.

Here are some pictures, maybe taking pictures with my laptop is kinda creepy, and other people probably looked at me weird...but I don't really care!


The Overworked Barista said...

I <3 continental too! It's the one place where I truly saw one person passing a blessing and then seeing it pass on to someone else. It was like that really wierd long commercial for an insurance company in the states. One person helps another and they help someone else and they help someone else, and so on.

Heidi said...

Ah the simple, inexpensive, free things in life....that's what it's all about.

Great pics!!!!!

ryguy said...


and that picture is backwards!!

Vida said...

Thanks for writing this.

仔仔 said...

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