i am a bad bad little blogger.

Hey friends.

sorry i've been sucking. Things have been a whirlpool but starting right now I am back on the blog band wagon...
Here's a few things in point form to catch you up.

1) I got the new Modest Mouse CD > SOOOO GOOD.
2) My hair stylist gave me a free hair cut and highlights. God DOES love me!
3) I started a belly dancing class. yes its true. and its fun. It will definitely be receiving its own post soon.
4) I finally found an apartment! (I have been looking for a few months, and Vancouver is not an easy place to look for one, because of how pricey things can be, throw Olympics into the mix and you got yourself a gong show.) The Apartment is great. yes it is. The fact that I will be living with 5 other girls (All YWAM girls) will be interesting and my introverted side may want to committ suicide but I love the girls...and I'm sure it will be alright.
5) I leave for Calgary on Tuesday for a week vacation. I've never been there. I"m excited.
6) I got asked to lead the intercession for Mission Adventures this summer and I'm super stoked about that.
7) I am still thinking a lot about photography and when I should start plugging into that full time.

So theres a few little bullet points so you feel like you still know me.



Maria Purviance said...

so you are interested in photography? have you done much of it before?

Big Ear Creations said...

Very cool Hannah... go God

Rainman said...

I had never really listened to Modest Mouse before...and I randomly stumbled upon their new album. Since then I haven't been able to stop listening to it. "Little Motel" gets stuck in my head for days on end...hmmm, hope that doesn't make me go crazy.

Also, Calgary is awesome, you will love it!


Hooper's blog is called Dissatisfaction of the Angry Mule (or something like that...he hasn't posted in forever.)

Jo Hanson said...

bellydancing?!?!?!?! we SHOULD be friends....i have my own finger cymbals...