I think I knew this time would come,
I did try really hard to fight it
Which doesn't make it make it any easier.
Walking away, saying goodbye.
Watching as my safety net is taken off.
Years of friendship, laughs, love, expectations, secrets and talks.
SO much investment.
And it all ends. Just like that.
Now I'm just sitting here, all these photos, all my journals, every coffee shop, movie theatre and city corner...
holding its own specific memory.

God, am I ever glad that you exist.
And that you are active.
And sinking over me like the weight of bricks.


The Overworked Barista said...

world on your shoulders?

DavenHeather said...

you are in my thoughts.. wish we could spend some time at a coffee shop.. email me sometime will ya... lots of love sister.

ryguy said...

pircilla (how do you spell her name?) says hi. she was wondering how you were doing yesterday at the cafe.

hannah, im glad your here.

My Engedi said...

let me know how i can be a better friend...