Do you ever get a sudden burst of love for someone? I do. I just sneaks up on me. It overwhelms me. Makes me miss. smile. cry. laugh. sigh. think. wish. It inspires. It lets me know I am still alive. It can happen. It catches you offguard. It can be a stranger, family member, friend, lover....and you get this unforseen pop! burst! bang! And all you can think about is how amazing they are. how unexampled. how dazzling and delightful. You want to celebrate them. Thank them. Love them. Bless them. Serve them. Talk about them.
I've gotten it for the man that makes my yummy sushi. For the woman at the bakery that was just so full of joy when she gave me my oat fudge bar.
I actually find it sad that I don't get these 'bursts' more often. Experiencing them awakens me. Its weird to think that God probably feels the degree of the 'burst' plus some all the time.


Well if you are wondering. Today I felt a burst for him. and her.
And I want to tell the whole world about it.


nakedpastor said...

wow hannah! a burst of love! very well received. thanks, and I love you too! burstingly!

Joshua said...

I hate that you've made me want sushi...but glad you figured out the pop up comments!

jacqui said...

i just found out ... really?! i'm smiling all over. thanks hannah - - i'll see you in ONE WEEK!