Time warp!

So last night I went out with a few friends and drank a few beer. (I went with moosehead just because I am in the John) and it was a fun time dancing and laughing and bumping into old friends. Then I bumped into someone, who was also drinking the beer of my choice for that night, (place moosehead advertising here) and I look up and who else is it but my high school teacher. I look around and realize I'm surrounded. They are everywhere! I counted at least 5 of them. I know I know, they are people too. But it is so weird, the night you realize that your high school teachers and you can hang out in the same place. I didn't know whether to avoid them (mostly because uhh,,,I might have failed most of their classes) or say hi. But...before I knew it one of them is doing the dosey - do with me on the dance floor.



jacqui said...

that is possibly one of those time warp moments ... wish i was with the ones who will see you in the 'peg ... i miss you.

My Engedi said...

i <3 you, Hannah,and in a few short days, i'll be able to say it to your face!

jenna deyong said...

hannah! i TOTALLY know what you mean! this has happened to me a couple times too... where it's like: how can i be in the same social environment as you, when you taught me the pythagorean theorem and the laws of cosine, sine, and tangents?!! ...which i totally don't care about anymore?!! enlightening, isn't it?!