Saturday Mornings...

I really do love saturday mornings. There is something great about the times I am able to lay in bed, read, blog, think, pray...whatever. With no immediate agenda. I was just thinking how I wished blogger had a "listening to" section so that I could tell you right now, that I am listening to "inside out" by hillsong. It's a little POP'ey but i like it. if you don't know it check it out. It reminds me so much of my trip to China...sigh.smile.

See, saturday mornings are even good for reminising.
And it even makes it better when you had a great friday night like i did, spending time with someone great...eating good food, having great conversation, and ice skating.
Life, i love when you slows down like this and so I can just seem to extract all the colour, smell, and touch out of every moment. I am so glad I am alive.


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