My sky is falling


I really have been feeling lately like my sky is falling. Like all the sudden I have all these huge decisions to make that really affect me, and the rest of my life. I am much happier just deciding what I want to eat for breakfast. (today is was fruit and chai tea)
I just can't seem to be able to focus on anything. Like, the second I feel like I get some headway, another piece of sky comes calling down and hits me on the head.
Under Pressure.
i think i might crack
It makes it so much harder because I'm beginning to feel like there is some sort of stop watch going of, and I have to prove something, mature, jump over some hoops and not screw up before it goes off or I just may loose something (or someone) that is of unspeakable value.

Where is this peace that surpasses all understanding?

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nakedpastor said...

that's the problem with that kind of peace... it really does surpass all understanding, meaning it isn't intellectual, cognitive, knoweable. come over for steak and beer/wine and we'll talk about it!