I think....

I think farting and buring are always gross.
I think text messaging is by far the coolest thing since jelly belly jelly' beans
I think JELLY BELLY jelly beans are the best jelly beans ever.
I think I dont like the colour blue as much as I used too.
I think that watching TV"s shows on DVD's is the way of the future.
I think that every Christian should activley pursue community.
I think that microphones are sexy (in a completely non-sexual way)
I think excuses are lame.
I think that people who don't answer their cell phones, shouldn't have cell phones at all.
I think that the church needs to drink a good beer.
I think more people should smile for no reason
I think that more people should listen to pain instead of trying to fix it.
I think long toe nails are disgusting.
I think people need more solitude.
I think Jesus SCREAMED in passion.
I think people should never wear socks and sandals.
I think enviornmentalism is something everyone should practice.
I think love heals.
I think if you don't embrace love, you'll never experience true laughter, or heart breaking cries.
I think that friends are Jesus with skin on.
I think that curling is silly.
I think that everyone should try it at least once.
I think that being famous is over-rated.
I think every woman should feel beautiful.
I think that every man should stand tall.
I think dancing is theraputic
I think reading is good for your soul.
I think everyone should listen to the story of our elders.
I think that God speaks to us every day about his majesty through the sky.
I think that your lies will soon become your hell.
I think children teach us the heart of God.
I think food is to be enjoyed.
I think that the word "think" is beginning to look and sound weird.

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Angel said...

i love those thoughts.

deep man deep

i think....you're awesome