Its a beautiful thing.

I've realized lately that I have really grown in a lot of ways.
The part of me that always was so self conscious doesn't seem to be there as much anymore.

I know a bit more of who I am, what i like, what I believe, who God is to me, who I want to be, who I am becomming, where I came from, how big I dream, my strengths, my weakness's...
and I've realized that I am more comfortable in my own skin then I ever have been. It feels good. It feels good not wearing masks. It feels good not worrying about thinking about what others are thinking or worrying about.
I love letting God show Himself through me.
I love the imagination God has given me.
I love my journey, and the people He has placed in my path, they are beautiful and I learn so much through them.


J n' N said...

hey girl... reading your blog makes me miss van... love you so much.

Rebecca said...

you DO rock!

ryguy said...

hey, me want new post!! you write blog now! please.

Benjamin said...

Hannnnah wassssssup??? Dig your last blog babe! Sounds like you're maturing, uh oh. Nah babe thats rad. I can't wait to see you next year. I'm totally there, cause i love you and Nick.