Cottage Days

So here i am, back at the office. whoopedee whoop. I had such a good time last week at Nick's cottage in Sprout Lake. Such a beautiful, huge, clean lake. I loved it. The week entailed eating. lounging. eating. tanning. eating. swimming. repeat. It was the first time I can remember actually having a relaxing week in a long long time.

I am having such a great time lately hanging out with nick. I love him so much. He is so great. I really am excited to get married to that little nut ball.

This weekend will be busy as I have to move (yuck) but I am excited about where I am moving. i get to live with the olivers! yessss.....its going to be so good. i get my own room. i get to eat angela's good baking. i live closer to nick. i am so excited.

Well anyways. thats enough for now i think. chow


Rachel said...

i miss you!!

Audrey said...

enjoy the room!!