Rush hour

I have been thinking lately about how people are always in a
R U S H ! !
Whether it be that they need to find the shortest line in the grocery store, taking the fastest way to wherever they are going, walking fast, driving fast. Most people just really want to get where they are going as fast as possible and as efficient as possible. Now i am by no means saying that this is wrong or bad. But i wonder why it is we do this? Jesus was definately a man that had purpose, but he let things distract him and he gave his full attention to it. The dude in the tree, the woman who touched his robe. My personal feeling is that if we took more time out, even for a few more smiles here, few more small talks there, few more seconds stopping on the road to enjoy a sunset or a cool looking tree, that we would experience more community. More awe of humanity and nature instead of zooming past it. For if in the end we are but a whisper, why not take time out of our days to hear what that sounds like? Hmmm. and I am not one for slow people by any means. Today I realized I was getting annoyed at this couple in front of me in the street because they were walking so freaking slow looking in all the shops hogging the sidewalk while they did so. Then after I passed them I wondered why I was so anxious to past them, and if that 4 seconds really made any difference in me getting to my destination. hmmm. who knows. But i do want to be the type of person who takes time out for the small things in life that when you are old end up being the big things that get you through your day. ahh yes thoughts of hannah.


ryguy said...

makin me think. good stuff han,

Larph said...

you changed.
see, i do look.