Saying goodbye is so hard.
Especially to the special few that seem to find their ways straight into your heart.
Ben's going away shing-dig was a lot of fun last night, but also such sweet, sweet sorrow as I got to hear and see how many people he has impacted.
I've only known this legend for a year, but he truely has left an imprint into my life.
I like what Jamie said about how there will be a hole with him gone that won't be filled by anyone else. You did leave imprints Ben. Big imprints!
I have laughed so much more with Ben around. This is the one thing about YWAM and...well...LIFE that I dont think I will ever get used too. People leaving, seasons changing, old turning new and new turning old. The only small comfort that I can find in these situations is that I belong to a Kingdom that is bigger than my wildest dreams and that I get to spend eternity next to those that I have sadly had to watch go, or leave behind myself. So heres to an eternity of laughable but awkward jokes, crazy dances, eye-rolling prank phone calls and legendary friendship with our forever loved Benjamin Coombe.
This ones for you!


kathryn said...

7600 doubloon
grand rapids, mi

send it to me soon, please, i really need my winter coat.

Larph said...

i have left a comment now

Audrey said...

i feel sad today that our benny boo boo boo is gone...is it time for him to come back yet??? ahhhh...i hate this....