im alive!

Im alive.
I havn't written in soooo long...its incredible. But Life , oh life has been so busy. Right now I am enjoying a little fire in my home with great company...heather and audrey. and my weirdo roomate jason. just kidding. he ain't thaaat weird. Its a Sunday night and I really did have a relaxing weekend. Friday I spent like a good 4 hours with Jesus and it was soooo refreshing. Now starts another week. Week 4 of the DTS. Wow, its going by so fast to me. I wonder how I am doing...the weight of staffing sometimes really hits me...im freaking discipling a person. well im not, But God is through me and I hope that im letting him do his job well!! Already my mind is slipping more and more towards outreach as I am getting so excited to once again be overseas. My spirit has been craving the adventure, and the people i will get to meet.
I wish i knew bigger words. im thinking of reading a new word from the dictionary every day. Sometimes I get soooo bored with my vocabulary, its so dull and I really dont feel like I am expressing myself the way i want too. Hmm...maybe thats why i have a passion to learn 8 languages before i die.
better get on that one!


Audrey said...

You are an incredible roommate Hannah...I really enjoy hangin out with you! You bring so much joy around the base!!!

you better get to work on that language thing....love, audge

j. oates said...

yeah hannah...what are the 8 languages?

kathryn said...

yeah i got a beauty mark peircing. it's called a monroe.
thank you for saying i look good, i've lost a bit of weight and done stuff to my hair and i feel prettier than i have in awhile. it's good to hear it though.
i miss you. i'm sending your check in the mail this week. i know i always say it but i really am this time. thanks lovie!