Monday Mornings

I can't figure out why it always seems so hard to get out of bed on Mondays?
That was my case this morning. You'd think that after a week off I would be springing up, ready for action. Instead I was loving every extra minute that I was allowing myself to have before I begrudingly slide out of my bed and walked slowly into the kitchen to have my usual breakfast. Mini Wheats and soy milk. So I sit in my little kitchen, shoveling food into my mouth. This is usually the time where I begin to start forming complete thoughts in my head. They tend to turn out to be prayers for the day, prayers for loved ones that are far away.
Besides Monday being a day that always seems hard to get out of bed, its also a day with new promises. A new fresh start to a week. A day with a new agenda, an agenda that you may or may not get to complete...

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